Business Incentives

The Williamsburg County Development Board works closely with local, state and federal partners to ensure we accomplish our mission of fostering a favorable and desirable location for businesses. We have established partnerships with the state’s brightest Economic Development attorneys, who will negotiate incentive packages to include  tax credits, job credits, and Special Source Revenue Credits (SSRC).

Statutory Incentives

South Carolina offers the following statutory incentives:

  • Favorable corporate income tax structure
  • No inventory tax
  • No local income tax
  • No sales tax on manufacturing machinery, industrial power or materials for finished products
  • No state property tax
  • No unitary tax on worldwide profits
  • No wholesale tax

For incentives available with the state of South Carolina, visit the South Carolina Department of Commerce website.

Individualized Prospect Incentives

For an individualized prospect of incentives specific to your project, contact us by phone at 843-355-8993 or email our staff.