Chavis One Stop Complex

25 Year Dream / Vision for Residents of Hemingway Area / Eastern Williamsburg County


Chavis One Stop Complex is being utilized as a “satellite campus” to increase access to governmental and non-governmental services for the citizens of northeastern Williamsburg County.

County Offices

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Other Agencies

  • Department of Social Services 
  • Vital Aging-Seniors have their own home
  • WCSD-Adult Education Program-Anchor 
  • WEOC Early Head Start Program - 1st Time Head Start to this Area

Services Provided

The Chavis Early Head Start Center provides high quality and comprehensive Early Head Start Program for children from birth to age 3 for the first time.

  • The Department of Social Services
  • The adjacent Donnelly community has access to a gym and other recreational and social programs.
  • Conference and meeting space available
  • The gymnasium and cafeteria areas are available for special events. Please call 843-355-5004 for rental information.


Alcohol and Drug will be coming soon.