Replace Road Sign

To replace a road sign that is damaged or missing, please contact Kevin Dorsey at 843-354-9330, ext. 4112 or 4117.

Below is a chart of signs that have been recently replaced in the Williamsburg County Area.

The Williamsburg County Sign Tech and the Emergency Management Division is budged a certain amount per fiscal year to purchase and replace Road Signs within Williamsburg County. Due to lack of funds, replacement of signs within the same budget year is very unlikely. If your sign is listed on the below chart, then it has been replaced within the last year. 

  1. Kevin Dorsey

    Cheif of Security/Sign Tech
    Phone: 843-354-9330 ext. 4117

Road Name Date Replaced  County/State Road
Brockington Road  11/3/2020 State Road
Boykin Road 11/9/2020 State
May Road 11/9/2020 State
Bubzy Road 11/9/2020 State
Central Road 11/9/2020 State
Chance Lane 11/9/2020 County
Dowen Road 11/9/2020 County
Brockington Road 11/9/2020 State
Williamsburg County Hwy 11/9/2020 State
Smith Swamp Road 11/9/2020 State
Beulah Road 11/9/2020 State
White Oak Road 11/9/2020 State
Othel Lane 11/9/2020 County
Fairdeal Road 11/16/2020 County 
The Hole Road 11/16/2020 County
Sisters Lane 11/16/2020 County
Chloe Road 11/18/2020 County
McIver Street 11/18/2020 State
Covington Road 11/19/2020 State
Battery Park Road 12/10/2020 State
Nesmith Road 12/10/2020 State
Holt Road 12/10/2020 State
Nesmith Corner Ext.  12/10/2020 County
Bluefordtown Road 12/10/2020 State
Helston Road 12/10/2020 State
Roadrunner Loop 12/10/2020 State
Suttons Road 12/11/2020 State
Mag Ave 1/6/2020 County
Timmons Lane 1/19/2021 State
Acadian Lane 1/28/2021 State
Nesmith Road 3/1/2021 State
Battery Park Road 3/1/2021 State
Cedar Street 3/1/2021 State
Sycamore Ave 3/1/2021 State
Turner Road 3/1/2021 State
St. Patrick Road 4/14/2021 County
McNellage Road 4/16/2021 County
Seaboard Road 4/16/2021 State
Greenhouse Road 4/21/2021 State
Bishop Road 4/21/2021 County
Ernest Drive 4/29/2021 County
Old Taylor Road 5/5/2021 State
Nesmith Road 6/29/2021 State
Battery Park Road 6/29/2021 State
Kennedyville Road 6/29/2021 State
Clarkson Road 7/30/2021 State
Pineview Farm Road 8/5/2021 State
Morning Star Road 8/5/2021 State
Council Road 8/5/2021 State
Onyx Ave 8/5/2021 State