What are the areas of service?
  • Sandridge and Red Road Communities near Kingstree, SC
  • Bryans Crossroads, Salters, Greeleyville Crossroads
  • Gausetown Road Community from Hemingway Highway (Highway 261) to Wilson Chapel Road, White Oak Community, Martin Luther King Jr. (Highway 377) from Bryans Crossroads, Shaw Corner Road to Thurgood Marshall (Highway 527)
  • Indiantown, Nesmith, Morrisvile System including the Morris Corner Community
  • Millwood, Bloomingvale, and Piney Forest Area
  • St. Lawrence-Blakeley
  • Trio

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1. What are the areas of service?
2. How much does it cost to get water?
3. How much will I be billed/how much will it be?
4. Do you have any future projects in mind?