How do I obtain a mobile home moving permit?

You must submit the following to the Assessor’s Office in the Public Service Administration Building (Office 120), located at 201 W Main Street in Kingstree:

  • Title or Contract of Sale
  • Paid water and sewer receipts and/or septic tank permit from the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC)
  • Valid E-911 address
  • Moving within the county: paid receipt from County Treasurer for all taxes due to date.
  • If moving out of the county: paid receipt from County Treasurer for advance taxes.

Decals & Fees

All mobile home owners must register and obtain a decal costing $5 from the Tax Assessor’s Office. Any change in ownership requires a new decal. Mobile Home owners retiring title are not exempt from decal requirement.

Fees for Mobile Home permits are $50, plus a $100 inspection fee paid to Code Enforcement office.

Town of Kingstree

For mobile homes within the City Limits of Kingstree, please see Town of Kingstree for more information.

Note: Mobile Home Requirements

  • All mobile homes dated after June 1994 must be wind zone II or better.
  • All used mobile homes coming into Williamsburg County must have a moving permit from the county where previously located.
  • All mobile homes entering the county must be 1976 or newer.

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